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20" Stainless Steel Surface Cleaner

Increase your speed by using our stainless steel surface cleaner equipped with easy to move caster wheels.  Perfect for driveways, patios, sidewalks, commercial floors, pavement, etc. 

Daily            Weekly            Monthly*

$35              $95                   $237

Please call (800) 824-8252 to reserve.  Delivery Available- call for pricing.

*Monthly rates are based on a 4-week rental period​.

Sewer Jetter Nozzles

Clean downspouts and drains quickly by attaching this nozzle to the end of your hose.  Has one opening spraying forward and four spraying in reverse to clear hard to reach areas. 

Daily             Weekly                Monthly*
$5                  $15                     $35

Gutter Cleaner Attachment

Connects at the end of your pressure washer wand or telescoping wand for easy gutter cleaning.

Daily             Weekly                Monthly*
$5                  $15                     $35

Ball Valves

A useful attachment when switching between different wands or attachments without having to turn off the pressure washer. 

Daily             Weekly                Monthly*
$6                 $18                      $54

Sludge Pump Attachment

Cleaning out water? This sludge pump is the tool you need for ponds, pools, tanks, reservoirs, etc.

Daily             Weekly                Monthly*
$30               $74                     $ 

Additional 50' Sections of Pressure Washer Hose

Each pressure washer rental includes a 50' high pressure hose, but many times addional hose is needed for your project.

Daily             Weekly                Monthly*
$6                  $18                      $54

Turbo Nozzle

This is a zero degree rotating adds the extra power needed to clean concrete & masonry. Helps with paint removal. 

Daily             Weekly                Monthly*

$11                $30                      $65

Sandblast Kit

A handy kit for blasting rust or paint from hard surfaces and metal. 

​Daily             Weekly                Monthly*
$30                 $74                    $225

Soap Injector Kit

Connects between the pump and the high pressure hose to dilute & spray detergents. Makes for a better & faster clean.

​Daily             Weekly                Monthly*
$9                  $ 26                      $

Call (800) 824-8252 to reserve. 

Pressure Washer Accessory Rentals

24 Ft  Aluminum Telescoping Wand

Extends from 8 ft to 24 ft. A must-have for cleaning homes and buildings.  Add the gutter attachment for easy gutter cleaning and avoid using ladders.  

Daily             Weekly                Monthly*

$20                $59                     $138