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SAFETY BRITE  Cleaner & Degreaser: High power alkaline cleaner for use as a truck wash, house wash, degreaser, or floor soap. Maintains fleet aluminum.  Contains scale reducers and softening agents.  USDA approved for food service areas. NOT FOR USE on polished aluminum. 

3R-750 Super Heavy Duty Degreaser: The toughest degreaser for industrial equipment, trucks, mining equipment, logging and oil field equipment, fork trucks, construction equipment, and floors.  Contains water softening agents, corrosion and rust inhibitors. Non-caustic.  NOT FOR USE on polished aluminum. 

ENVIROGLEAM Phosphate Free Vehicle Wash & General Purpose Cleaner: Safe on automobiles and trucks. Contains rust and corrosion inhibitor package to protect trim and non-painted surfaces.  Designed to attack, penetrate, and remove road film and bugs. Protects polished aluminum and rinses free. Formulated with "Scale Stop" to prevent machine systems from scale build up.  Can be formulated with wax as a safe, effective, one-step wash/wax product.

DE-721 Citrus-based Cleaner & Degreaser: Non-caustic degreaser for use in heavy degreasing applications. Releases the natural power of citrus in this very safe neutral PH product.

CITRUCLEAN Citrus-Based Tar & Asphalt Remover: 100% Active ALL ORGANIC formula for aggressively attacking tar, asphalt, adhesive residue and grease.  Safe on painted, metal, and plastic surfaces.  Safely removes asphalt from equipment and vehicles. Excellent for removing residue from decals.

MEA DEGREASER Extreme Duty Degreaser: Specially formulated for heavy duty degreasing on dozers, loaders, backhoes, etc.  Apply to heavy grease and watch it melt away.

RESTORALUM Aluminum Brightener: One application can make oxidized aluminum look brand new while bringing back the luster and sheen to aluminum. Removes tough smoke, carbon, grease, oils, pollutants, and built-up road film. NOT FOR USE on polished aluminum, glass, or anodized aluminum.  Formulated with "Scale Stop" to help prevent machine systems from scale build-up.

PAC Polished Aluminum Cleaner: Removes heavy deposits of soiling, weld smut, and aluminum oxidation.   for aluminum, polished aluminum, and stainless steel.  Will not burn aluminum or etch glass. ​​

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Graffiti Removers

Pressure Washer Detergents

TAGAWAY: Graffiti remover for smooth surfaces.  Simply spray on and wipe away paint, marker and most other graffiti problems.

TAGINATOR: Graffiti remover for unpainted masonry surfaces.  Spray on and remove with pressure washer.  

RESTORACLEAN  Masonry Detergent: A truly unique and powerful product for cleaning and restoration of concrete, brick, and most masonry surfaces. Removes rust, grease, and oil stains. Bleaches surface to like-new condition.  

Truck Washes, Degreasers & General Cleaners

Conrete & Masonry Detergent

3R Restoraclean removing rust stains from concrete.